Why Don’t I Teach Mainstream Stuff

This morning I was thinking about how I teach on occult science and the like. It would just be so easy for me to step back from that and do what everyone else is doing these days which is sharing info about New Moons, Channeling, Spirit Guides, Law of Attraction, etc.

Why don’t I do that??

It’s so much easier to find people who are interested in that and more into the “love & light” brand of New Age spirituality.

But I just can’t…

There’s just so much more deeper truths to share with others that I can’t go back to the mainstream viewpoint anymore.

For instance, what people call the “Law of Attraction” is really a combo of 2 of the Hermetic Laws. The “Law of Attraction” was created to be digestible to the masses.

People need to grow past all that, but many are stuck in the endless loop of what current spirituality provides.

Sometimes I feel alienated from the community. It’s hard to connect with people when there’s totally different view points ya know? But this is my passion. This is my guiding light and I have to keep following this path to see what lies ahead no matter what.

– TJ

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