Stepping Into A New Season

It’s been a long time since I’ve really sat down to create another blog post. Life just happens ya know? I didn’t even realize it was Purim and Ostara yesterday… not that I practice Judaism or paganism anymore, but still, that says a lot about how far I’ve come spiritually. But I want to start creating more blog posting just random musings on my mind.

So, what’s really been happening in my life? Well… it’s really ironic how things happen in life. I left religion years ago, and now look what’s happening. My ancestors are calling me to Louisiana Voodoo. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t even know the reasons. It makes sense though considering my blood line goes there (on my mothers side). I’ve been to LA once in my life. Now, reading up on New Orleans and the history, it really makes me want to visit. Of course Louisiana Voodoo has been hyped up to attracted tourists, but there’s that allure and mystery that draws me in wanting to see for myself.

I’ve prided myself in a way, on not being religious. I’ve shunned every aspect. And now here I am about to step into something that is an unknown, but I accept it and see it as a challenge and a new perspective. I know this will further my growth and help me to awaken to new insights and wisdom.

– TJ

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