Spiritual Ego

The other day a person who I was chatting with on Facebook suddenly unfriended and blocked me. The exact reason is unknown, but I have a hunch it was due to me not being “high vibe” enough. I admit, I was sad. We agreed on a lot of spiritual points, but I guess that didn’t matter much. Her path was her path, mine is mine. She didn’t ‘get it’ as many others in the spiritual community just don’t get.

Spirituality is an individuals journey. If you want your spouse or friends to do what you do, then perhaps you should stick with organized religion. We can influence those around us, but be careful not to become judgmental and have a “high and mighty” mentality. People of all kinds are in our lives to grow and flourish. Positive NEEDS the negative and vice versa. Spiritual ego gets in the way and says, “I can’t grow here because . . . .” or “I can’t be happy with x because . . . .” Excuse after excuse.

Too many people are splitting over spiritual growth and happiness. These things are personal, they come from within. This is a basic understanding, or at least I thought it was, of spirituality. Happiness is internal, not based on external values. I can’t stress this enough. When I see people dropping friends and a long-term spouse for the simple fact they don’t “vibe” well it really makes me wonder how these people are spiritual in any sense of the word. They think they know it all now that they’ve come to some sort of “epiphany” but they haven’t even got past the tip of the iceberg yet. The state of western “new age” spirituality gives the illusion of healing inner work, but when you get to the heart of the matter, it’s really based on external reactions where people can’t even get past their ego and subconscience programing.

If you got nothing out of this post, please at least remember this one thing: a lotus always grows in the mud.

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