Yes, No Pendulum Reading




“Should I date my co-worker?”

“Is moving to Texas the best decision?”

“WIll I be traveling to Spain within the next 8 months?”

Receive answers to your questions in a PDF sent to you within 24 hours!


I provide these readings with a special pendulum only used for this.

I tap into your energy which is what directs the pendulum for the correct answer. I ask your question out loud and whichever way it swings will either be Yes, No, or Maybe, Most likely, or Not likely. I do not read past this, only what the pendulum gives me. If you’d like a more in-depth reading, I recommend either a Tarot reading or Crystal Cast Reading.


Please fill out the “Additional Notes” section on the checkout page with your detailed question(s) plus the e-mail you prefer me to send your answers to otherwise I will send your reading to the e-mail you have used.


You will receive:

A PDF with the answers to your question within 24 business hours. This will be delivered to your email associated with your payment or you can specify another email.



Please keep in mind that any answer you receive from me is just for guidance. The future is determined by the actions you take in this moment. Nothing is set in stone. I cannot be held responsible for any actions you take or outcomes that result after you re your answers.

I have the right to refuse a reading if I choose. You will receive a full refund if I do decline reading for you. I do not provide legal or medical advice that a lawyer or medical professional can answer.

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