Lavender Oil Roll-On for headaches, body aches, & pains


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I first made this oil for a friend and I asked her to try it out. After a week of using it, she told me her pain had lessened and she wanted more! So I decided to offer this oil to you all.

This is a blend of 100% essential lavender oil and Jojoba oil. Roll onto muscles, joints, or temples for pain and headache relief as much as needed.

This is a 5ML glass roll-on bottle that is infused with Reiki prior to sending.

Listed below are just a few ways this oil can be used:

  • When smelled, it can reduce anxiety and stress, and improve brain function
  • Heals minor cuts, burns, and insect bites
  • Eczema and acne
  • Motion sickness or nausea
  • Cold sores
  • Sleep aid
  • Induces a state of calm
  • Earaches
  • Chapped skin

Caution:  Make sure you are not allergic to lavender before use. Test a small area on your wrist first before applying anywhere else. If a small rash appears discontinue use immediately. If you are pregnant, seek permission from your medical doctor before use. 

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