Elixer Mist


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Elixir was inspired by the old Alchemical Tradition. Many essential oils and floral waters have been blended, and a Herkimer Diamond is included in each bottle.

Elixir summons the forces of Nature that exist in a state of harmony, thus its main purpose is to cleanse, energize and harmonize the energies around you.

Herkimer Diamonds are a unique form of quartz crystal with two pointed ends. Herkimers balance the body and the emotions. Being double-terminated gives the crystals super power. These crystals help you connect the physical body with the astral realm. They can also help you recall your dreams.

Herkimers are used to relieve physical and emotional tension, stimulate clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and assist in telepathic communication. They help you attune to your Higher Self and open and enhance your Inner Vision.

Spray Elixir around you but make sure not to spray it in the eyes or mouth since this blend is for external use only.

This Mist is made with a blend of 11 Essential oils.

Please shake well before every use

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