Create Your Reality: A Beginners Guide To Manifesting



This guide will teach you a simple ways to manifest without the need for positivity or the Law of Attraction fluff. Make no mistake, this is not Hollywood magick. You will need to train yourself in order to become a great magician. However, by using the techniques put forth in this book, you will build a solid foundation for yourself and be further along than most.

1 The Law of Attraction

2 The Subconscious Mind

3 Reprogramming The Sub

4 The 4 Main Ingredients to Successful Magick

5 Clarity & Focus Techniques
6 What is a Ritual?
7 What Happens After Manifesting?
8 Sigils
9 Orgasm
10 Dark Energy
11 Mantras

(PDF instant download, 11 chapters, 27 pages)


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