Occultism – Why I Love It

The word occult just means ‘hidden knowledge’.

Nothing spooky or evil about it.

The only reason it’s labeled as such is because the religious leaders and others in positions of power – the “higher ups” – know that once you get on this path, there’s no control over you anymore.

A whole new perspective is opened to you…

Once you get on the Occult Train, there’s no stopping the ride.

What you see cannot be unseen…

This path forces you to dive deep within yourself, face your inner demons, face your fears, your perversions, your negativity, your dark fantasies.

All the things you try to hide will come out.

And when you breakthrough your programs, you become your own GOD.

While I personally love to share occult info with everyone, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Jesus’ words ring true, “Do not cast your pearls before swine…” so I’m careful who I share certain things with.

But there is beauty on this path like no other you’ve experienced.

Everything pales in comparison to the wisdom that can be gained.

I invite anyone who reads this to break free from the Matrix and learn deeper truth.

So… will you fall to fear or curiosity?



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