May Tarot Reading 2019

We are at the climax of spring where everything feels alive, at least that’s what it feels like here in Philly. It’s been close to 80 degrees and it’s not getting any cooler. The Sakura tree near my apartment has already bloomed and lost the blossoms. Things just feel like they are changing so fast and it’s not slowing down. I suppose that’s why this reading is saying to “go with the flow.”

Three of the six cards are water elements – Ace of Vessels, Five of Vessels, and Six of Vessels. The imagery is calm, soothing, and serene. Five of Vessels traditionally is about loss yet the card shows a woman dancing with no care in the world. She dances to the beat of her own drum. Six of Vessels traditionally is the opposing card that represents childhood, reminiscing about things of the past, and overall feeling blessed. Ace of Vessels is about expressing and opening up to others and going to a deeper level of Self.

So what does this actually mean here?

Water is a gateway that can connect one to their subconscious mind. Imagine you are diving further and further down. It’s starting to get dark around you. You see outlines of giant creatures in the distance. You start feeling scared, but there’s no need to be because these creatures are all created by you. They all live in your True Self / Subconscious and they’re probably more scarred of you than you are of them.

As the month goes along, you need to be developing your ability to “dive deep” within yourself. No, I can’t tell you how to do this step by step because I’m not you. No one else can tell you the How-To’s either. They are not you. Only you know if you just start listening to yourself. Your speech, your mannerism, your habits – they all indicate what lies beneath.

Once you start going down one meter…. two meters… those creatures will show up. Maybe it comes in the form of a childhood memory or a bad breakup. Maybe you can’t talk with some family members anymore or a coworker is hassling you. Whatever it is, you need to deal with that. Yes, it may make you sad for a bit, but you CANNOT let your feelings hold you down. Do something about it. Learn from the experience and see it from a new perspective.

Now, water also represents more than just the emotional aspect. Water is also a conduit that connects the Spiritual realm to the Physical realm. Hence why all ancestral altars have a glass of water. This gateway will be open now more than before. We are moving in a direction where the veil is thinning and you can have the experience of connecting to the spiritual realm with more ease. But jumping into the Spiritual waters without being able to swim will not end well. Make sure you’re mentally and emotionally sound before jumping in.

– TJ

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