Lose weight…. with MAGICK!

So I’m sharing this because a couple weeks back I weighed myself. I really legit thought I was around 125. Nope. I was 141. The truth hurts… So instead of just trying an exercise that I knew I would probably stop doing a week later, I was determined¬†to get my weight down.

That determination was fuel for my magick. I know that there are probably tons of “spells” out there but my methods are simple.

I did this all in my head but if you like the hands-on approach then purchase this candle:

Female Image Candle

It’s the one I was envisioning in my mind. Next you will need some black or just a dark colored string like red that symbolizes binding or fast action that’s just long enough to go around the candle several times.

After you get the candle, it’s important to cleanse it physically and spiritually. You can use plain alcohol for this. Afterwards, you can use your own method for cleansing and then start the intention setting process.

You can just carve your name in it, your desire, and whatever you wish to put into it. Don’t just use symbols that you think is cool though. You need to have the emotional connection to the things you are carving into it. Spend a good amount of time doing this, a couple days if necessary.

Take the string and bind it around your (the candles) stomach slowly, not too loose or too tight. You wanna lose weight at an appropriate rate. While doing this you will be looking at yourself in the mirror, physically seeing the new you looking back. You have to see the new you, dropped pounds and all. Tie a small knot when finished. Place the candle on your working altar. You will be looking at it everyday.

Implement your new workout and diet routine. You will be dropping the pounds in no time! When you reach your goal weight, burn the candle because the it would then be complete.

Because of this spell I created, I have lost 4 lbs already!


*Disclaimer: If you purchase using the link, I receive a small commission!

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