July Energy Reading

Wildwood Tarot Energy Reading Tasha Johnson

July is already here! 7 months into the year and what have you accomplished so far? This is what the first card, Seven of Stones, is asking you. Have you put your money where your mouth is? Have your actions aligned with your thoughts? If you said no, then what’s the hold up? This card is asking you to dig deep within yourself. Find the source of the problems within you and work on transmuting them. You have to assess your life, your emotional, mental, and physical state in order to progress. Tear yourself down in order to build yourself back up.

When you find those problems do not be disappointed or discouraged with yourself. Six of Bows is letting you know that everything can be a blessing depending on how you view it. You need to allow yourself to feel the small victories in order to uplift yourself. Because if you don’t, then no one else will.

Six of Arrows brings a transition into your life. It reiterates the need to face your fears and bring down the cages which surround you. Face those things that hinder you from evolving. And once those steps are taken, The Great Bear is awaiting you. He is a guardian of the path you seek. Only the worthy can enter. He asks, “are you worthy to learn the secrets? Have you given birth to a new you?” What will your answer be?

– TJ

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