It probably seems a bit strange talking about faith and belief as a person who professes to be atheist. But just because I hold that title doesn’t mean I’m not open. On the contrary. I feel as though I’m more open than most people I’ve come across.

I’m the type of person who will adjust beliefs according to the information I recive. I am always open to discover more.

So, April brought more faith into my life. Faith in my Ancestors and the deities – to be trusting that they got my back when I need them. Faith opens up the real of possibilities too. Possibilities that I am able to produce real tangible results in all aspects of my life. Money, happiness, physical wellbeing – it’s all within my grasp.

I’ve always taught that we are our own Masters. Being on the left hand path means being your own God, but that doesn’t mean to do it all ourselves. Energy is limited on a physical level within the body and more so on a spiritual level. This is why people feel so drained all the time after just talking with a person or going out. The energy you take in isn’t equaled to the energy taken out.

Magick requires the same energy. If you dont have the necessary skills to produce large amounts, then you need to rely on outside forces be they deities, Angels, Demons whatever to assist you.

And once the magick has been put out there to the spiritual realm that’s when the most important part comes into play. That’s when you need to have faith in your workings and faith in yourself that this will come to pass. If you waver in your faith or your confidence then you can be sure that you’re working has been diluted and nullified and there will be no effect to your cause.

So, that is what I’m embracing at this stage of life: Faith.

– TJ

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