Doing Love Work

I seen all the stories of how people messed up their own love work by not being patient. They badger their Ex or the rootworker and they don’t let the working do its thing. Obviously if you want your boyfriend back you dont go texting him to start an argument.

So when I did my own love working it wasn’t for getting anyone back. I’m married and just wanted to create a more intimate and emotional bond.

It was a simple set up which I conducted over an 8 day period. During those days the magic worked like a charm. The hubz was doing things he normally doesn’t do. Things like doing the dishes and folding laundry etc. It was crazy to see it before my eyes, but the magic worked!

Now, this is where I flubbed. I used jar lids to hold the candles in place for the working (since they had to be moved each day and I didn’t have any candle holders.) Those jar lids were needed for another working and I KNEW I shouldn’t have looked back at the finished work, but I did it anyway. I tried to take the lid, thus breaking the harder candle wax. This essentially lessened work and I could feel it. Never ever look back at your work!!! Leave it at the crossroads and dont look back. Lesson learned for me.


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