10 Ways To Use Florida Water (Agua de Florida)

Florida water agua de florida bottle Tasha Johnson

Florida water – the best spiritual cleanser!

I guess I’ve been living under a rock for most of my spiritual journey because when I came across Agua de Florida (Florida Water or Flowery Water) a whole new world opened up for me. Not kidding.

Agua de Florida is mostly used by Brujas, Brujos, in Palo, South America, etc. Basically in the Hispanic community this is a staple and it can be found in all botanicas and some American shops in the ethnic perfume section.

Florida Water is basically a cologne that is alcohol based. The US version has food coloring in it which gives it its blue color verses the South American version but they work the same. It wasn’t created to be used as a spiritual cleanser, but because of the ingredients, it works like one.

The great thing about Agua de Florida is its many uses. Unlike sage or other types that require burning or crystals that need cleansing, Florida Water can be used straight away. Here are my top 10 uses for Florida Water.

1. Spiritual Cleanser

Spiritual baths are not my thing. To most in the ATR community it’s a very important aspect but I hate taking baths so here’s my alternative. I use Florida Water to cleanse my entire body and aura before engaging in ritual activities or when I come in my home after going out. I would spritz my husband down after he comes home from work too. You never know what kind of people are out there.

2. Floor Wash

I clean almost everywhere with this stuff and it clears the energies in the room 100%. Best part is it smells great.

3. Toilet Freshener

So you know how there’s a Poo-Pourri spray? Well, you can use Florida Water for the same purpose. Just spray some directly in the toilet and it’ll have your bathroom smelling good.

4. Hand Sanitizer

This will also double as a spiritual hand sanitizer. Add some to a lavender or non-scented hand sanitizer and keep in your car or purse.

5. Jewelry Cleaner

For your spiritual jewelry like amulets or talismans. Take a large bowel of cold water and pour a bit of Florida Water (not much is needed really) into it. Place your jewelry into this for as long as you want. If you don’t want to do this, you can always take a drop of Florida Water in your hand and rub it onto your jewelry.

6. Crystal Cleanser

Pretty much the same method as cleansing your jewelry. Just make sure the crystals you’re cleansing can be in water for long periods.

7. Clothes Cleanser

For this, just create a mixture of water and a bit of Florida Water in a spray bottle. Spray your clothes when you feel like they need to be cleared of stagnant energy.

8. Clearing Your Space

Florida Water is great at chasing away the stagnant energy you don’t want hanging around. So, at your front door you can place a bowl of water mixed with Florida Water.

9. Offerings

My Lwa craves Florida Water so I offered up a whole bottle. I found my Ancestors don’t care for the stuff though. But if you try to offer it up, you may find that your deity or spirit really likes it.

10. Sleep Paralysis

I found this out the other day. I was having sleep paralysis at a very unusual time and it happened at least 4 times! Not fun. So I sprayed around my bed and my hands to do a little cleanse. I didn’t have any more episodes of sleep paralysis that night.

So, if you’ve never used this before, what are you waiting for? I find it to be way more useful than any other spiritual cleanser.

If you already use it, what are some ways you use it? Leave a comment to let me know!

– TJ

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