Tasha has been on a 13 year journey from religion to spirituality. She incorporates all that she learned into her eclectic practice. She is a Reiki II Practitioner, Tarot and Crystal Reader, Occultist, and Spiritual Teacher. 

     Tasha shares the wisdom gained from experience. If you are struggling with your spirituality, not knowing where to begin or how to reach the next level, then click the button below to find out!

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Thank you for the Distance Reiki Session! I felt much better and way lighter when we were done!! Anyone considering getting this done shouldn’t hesitate as this definitely helps!
Crystal Spencer
Thank you for the amazing reiki session! I’ve had the worst back pain for days and could not find relief no matter what I tried. Now I feel like a lot of the pressure has been relieved. You are truly an amazing lightworker! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I am so grateful!
Melissa Rose
Thank you for the Reiki Session! Reiki is so amazing and even though it was from a distance I felt totally calm and relaxed afterward and your feedback on the type of energy My chakras were giving out was so amazing and eye-opening. It helped me feel more in touch with my myself and my spirit. It was a beautiful experience!
MariaElisa Rosa Costa
I just finished a session. My chest and hands are on fire. I knew the moment she connected with me, and the moment she finished. Although I was asleep, I felt the energy run through me. I woke feeling rested and fully energized. I am vibrating so high at the present moment. I am in Ontario, Canada so that proves that distance IS NOT an issue. What a beautiful experience. Thank you 🙏🏻🌈❤️
Julie JM
I had a short spiritual coaching session with Tasha today. Her sweet energy and great tips left me feeling ready to tackle the next level. Thank you so much Tasha!
Kathy Hancock Schmitt
Tasha was very friendly upon first meeting, I immediately connected with her and she also became my spiritual friend. She shows concern and compassion with quick replies and friendly conversations. She even did Reiki on my dog before and after surgery and he had healthy recovery. He even responds to her Reiki too. Her prices are fantastic and her sessions are fabulous! I have already recommend her to a friend and would definitely recommend anyone else to her.
I had a session with Tasha and she was amazing. She is very intuitive and was able to sense where by energy was blocked. I actually felt my energy shift as she was working with me. She was also kind enough to offer to send Reiki to my aunt who is ill.
Thank you so much for an amazing long distance Reiki session! I definitely feel uplifted and on my way to being healed ♡
Maureen Hanlon
This was my first experience with reiki and I was surprised at how extremely relaxed I felt after our session. And this was a long distance experience and it was great. I definitely wouldn’t be afraid to do this again. Thanks Tasha!
Serena Groff
Tasha chose me to receive a free 15 minutes of her time, I can’t Thank her enough on the insight into my question, I instantly seen what I have an issue with, and she gave me awesome advice how to rewrite my sub conscience, my thought process! I can’t wait to give it a try and get moving forward again!!! Thank You Again Tasha!!
Susan Ratliff Long